At gudrum classics limited

We firmly believe that our partnerships with the various forms of media with whom we work are an extremely important part of our business and a part that we are very keen to develop and extend. We are always pleased to discuss any promotional opportunities and any method in which we can support the media through the loan off product, use of images, special offers within editorials or passing information or any other way in which we can help.

Do you Represent A media Organisation?

If you are a representative of the press and feel that you have something to offer that might support your publication whilst offering market exposure to our company, please contact us to discuss any opportunities.

Here are just some of the TV Channels and Printed Media that we have worked with in the past:

    Big Brother – Sunday Telegraph – Sunday Times – Daily Mail – Mail on Sunday – Daily Express – Observer – Western Mail – Real Magazine – Spirit & Destiny – Homes & Interiors